WFS-KML Gateway

The "WFS-KML Gateway" project aims to develop a gateway to transform WFS requests in KML responses.

A request, done to any OWS (OGC Web Service) using WFS (Web Feature Service, a standar OGC protocol) will recive a response in KML format. KML is a XML format used by Google to represent geographic information in Google Earth and Google Maps.

To visualize this geographic information represented in a KML file, it is necesary a KML viewer. Google Maps is a web based 2D viewer and Google Earth is a Desktop application 3D viewer.

The WFS-KML gateway is specially oriented to work with 3D representation of geographic features. We can represent buildings or any other geographic feature with a height parameter.

It is also possible to use any other parameter as a height parameter. For example, Earth countries can be represented with a height proportional to their population.

As we can see, WFS-KML Gateway makes possible to translate between the OGC standart protocols and KML Google protocol, adding value to this translation allowing to configurate the way we visualize geographic features and their parameters.