Project Dependencies


The following is a list of compile dependencies for this project. These dependencies are required to compile and run the application:

GroupId ArtifactId Version Classifier Type Optional gwt-servlet 2.0.0 - jar gwt-maps 1.0.4 - jar
com.googlecode.fannj fannj 0.2 - jar
displaytag displaytag 1.1 - jar
es.uva.idelab GeometryDrawing 0.0.1-20100509.081456-6 - jar
es.uva.idelab WFS 0.0.1-20100208.113930-2 - jar jai_codec 1.1.3 - jar jai_core 1.1.3 - jar jai_imageio 1.1 - jar
javax.servlet jstl 1.1.2 - jar
jaxen jaxen 1.1-beta-8 - jar
log4j log4j 1.2.12 - jar
org.apache.struts struts-taglib 1.3.10 - jar
org.geotools gt-epsg-extension 2.5.3 - jar
org.geotools gt-epsg-hsql 2.5.3 - jar
org.geotools gt-epsg-wkt 2.5.3 - jar
org.geotools gt-geotiff 2.5.3 - jar
org.geotools gt-main 2.5.3 - jar
org.geotools gt-render 2.5.3 - jar
org.jdom jdom 1.1 - jar
postgresql postgresql 8.4-701.jdbc4 - jar
taglibs standard 1.1.2 - jar


The following is a list of provided dependencies for this project. These dependencies are required to compile the application, but should be provided by default when using the library:

GroupId ArtifactId Version Classifier Type Optional
javax.servlet jsp-api 2.0 - jar

Project Transitive Dependencies

The following is a list of transitive dependencies for this project. Transitive dependencies are the dependencies of the project dependencies.


The following is a list of compile dependencies for this project. These dependencies are required to compile and run the application:

GroupId ArtifactId Version Classifier Type Optional
ant ant-optional 1.5.1 - jar
antlr antlr 2.7.2 - jar
batik batik-transcoder 1.6 - jar
batik batik-util 1.6 - jar icu4j 2.6.1 - jar
com.lowagie itext 1.3 - jar
com.vividsolutions jts 1.8 - jar
commons-beanutils commons-beanutils 1.7.0 - jar
commons-chain commons-chain 1.2 - jar
commons-codec commons-codec 1.2 - jar
commons-collections commons-collections 3.1 - jar
commons-digester commons-digester 1.8 - jar
commons-httpclient commons-httpclient 3.0-rc3 - jar
commons-jxpath commons-jxpath 1.2 - jar
commons-lang commons-lang 2.1 - jar
commons-logging commons-logging 1.0.3 - jar
commons-pool commons-pool 1.3 - jar
commons-validator commons-validator 1.3.1 - jar
dom4j dom4j 1.6.1 - jar
hsqldb hsqldb - jar
java3d vecmath 1.3.1 - jar
jdom jdom 1.0 - jar
junit junit 4.6 - jar jna 3.2.2 - jar jsr-275 1.0-beta-2 - jar
org.apache.struts struts-core 1.3.10 - jar
org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup tagsoup 0.9.7 - jar
org.eclipse.emf common 2.2.1 - jar
org.eclipse.emf ecore 2.2.2 - jar
org.eclipse.xsd xsd 2.2.2 - jar
org.geotools gt-api 2.5.3 - jar
org.geotools gt-coverage 2.5.3 - jar
org.geotools gt-cql 2.5.3 - jar
org.geotools gt-graph 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools gt-metadata 2.5.3 - jar
org.geotools gt-referencing 2.5.3 - jar
org.geotools gt-wfs 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools gt-wms 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools gt-xml 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools.ogc net.opengis.ows 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools.ogc net.opengis.wfs 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools.ogc org.w3.xlink 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools.xsd gt-xsd-core 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools.xsd gt-xsd-filter 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools.xsd gt-xsd-gml2 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools.xsd gt-xsd-gml3 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools.xsd gt-xsd-ows 2.5.7 - jar
org.geotools.xsd gt-xsd-wfs 2.5.7 - jar
org.opengis geoapi 2.2-M1 - jar
oro oro 2.0.8 - jar
picocontainer picocontainer 1.2 - jar
xalan xalan 2.6.0 - jar
xerces xercesImpl 2.6.2 - jar
xerces xmlParserAPIs 2.6.2 - jar
xml-apis xml-apis 1.0.b2 - jar
xml-apis xml-apis-xerces 2.7.1 - jar
xom xom 1.0b3 - jar
xpp3 xpp3 - jar


The following is a list of provided dependencies for this project. These dependencies are required to compile the application, but should be provided by default when using the library:

GroupId ArtifactId Version Classifier Type Optional gwt-user 2.0.0 - jar
javax.servlet servlet-api 2.5 - jar

Project Dependency Graph

Dependency Tree

Dependency Listings

WMS-C Wrapper

WMS Cache Wrapper by IDELab (Spatial Infraestrutures Laboratory University of Valladolid)

Display tag library

The display tag library is an open source suite of custom tags that provide high-level web presentation patterns which will work in an MVC model. The library provides a significant amount of functionality while still being easy to use.



The iText classes are very useful for people who need to generate read-only, platform independent documents containing text, lists, tables and images. The library is especially useful in combination with Java(TM) technology-based Servlets: The look and feel of HTML is browser dependent; with iText and PDF you can control exactly how your servlet's output will look. iText requires JDK 1.2, and no extra dependencies. It's available for free under a multiple license: MPL and LGPL.

Unnamed - taglibs:standard:jar:1.1.2


JDOM is, quite simply, a Java representation of an XML document. JDOM provides a way to represent that document for easy and efficient reading, manipulation, and writing. It has a straightforward API, is a lightweight and fast, and is optimized for the Java programmer. It's an alternative to DOM and SAX, although it integrates well with both DOM and SAX.

Unnamed - javax.servlet:jstl:jar:1.1.2

Unnamed - javax.servlet:jsp-api:jar:2.0

Unnamed - javax.servlet:servlet-api:jar:2.5

Unnamed - log4j:log4j:jar:1.2.12


Jaxen is a universal Java XPath engine.


dom4j: the flexible XML framework for Java


Unnamed - xerces:xmlParserAPIs:jar:2.6.2

Unnamed -

Unnamed - xalan:xalan:jar:2.6.0


TagSoup is a SAX-compliant parser written in Java that, instead of parsing well-formed or valid XML, parses HTML as it is found in the wild: nasty and brutish, though quite often far from short. TagSoup is designed for people who have to process this stuff using some semblance of a rational application design. By providing a SAX interface, it allows standard XML tools to be applied to even the worst HTML.

Struts Taglib

Apache Struts

Struts Core

Apache Struts

Unnamed - es.uva.idelab:WFS:jar:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

WFS client module


Web Map Server client

An OGC Web Map Server client implementation that can be used directly or as through the GridCoverageExchange API. Direct usage is recommended, as the GridCoverageExchange access for WMS is not well tested and is complicated to use. It supports WMS versions 1.0.0, 1.1.0, 1.1.1, and 1.3.0.

XML Parsing Support

XML Parser based on the XDO design.


Commons.Lang, a package of Java utility classes for the classes that are in java.lang's hierarchy, or are considered to be so standard as to justify existence in java.lang.${pom.artifactId.substring(8)}/

WFS XML Support

Filter XML support for Geotools.

OWS XML Support

Filter XML support for Geotools.

Filter XML Support

Filter XML support for Geotools.

Web Feature Service Model

Web Feature Service Schema EMF Model

Open Web Services Model

Open Web Services Schema EMF Model

Xlink Model

Xlink Schema EMF Model

Unnamed - org.eclipse.emf:common:jar:2.2.1

Unnamed - org.eclipse.emf:ecore:jar:2.2.2

Unnamed - xpp3:xpp3:jar:

MXP1 is a stable XmlPull parsing engine that is based on ideas from XPP and in particular XPP2 but completely revised and rewritten to take the best advantage of latest JIT JVMs such as Hotspot in JDK 1.4+.


The HttpClient component supports the client-side of RFC 1945 (HTTP/1.0) and RFC 2616 (HTTP/1.1) , several related specifications (RFC 2109 (Cookies) , RFC 2617 (HTTP Authentication) , etc.), and provides a framework by which new request types (methods) or HTTP extensions can be created easily.

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver

The PostgreSQL Driver JDBC4


Provides Java bindings to the Fast Artificial Neural Network Library (FANN).

Java Native Access

GWT Servlet Library 2.0

The GWT Servlet Library supports the server-side components for invoking a GWT-RPC endpoint.

Google API Libraries for Google Web Toolkit

The Google API Libraries for Google Web Toolkit is a collection of libraries that provide Java language bindings for popular Google JavaScript APIs. These libraries make it quick and easy for developers to use these Google JavaScript APIs with Google Web Toolkit. The libraries are supported by the Google Web Toolkit team.

GWT User Library 2.0

The GWT User Library supports the client-side components for building AJAX apps in the Java language using the Google Web Toolkit.




The render module contains a renderer built around the interface in api and main. This is a first class geotools module as creating a visual representation of features is considered key to most geospatial applications.

OGC CQL to Filter parser

A parser that takes an OGC Common Query Language input string and produces an equivalent org.opengis.filter.Filter.

Batik Transcoder

Batik Transcoder

Batik Utilities

Batik Utilities

Unnamed - xerces:xercesImpl:jar:2.6.2

Unnamed - xml-apis:xml-apis:jar:xerces-2.7.1

GeoTIFF grid coverage exchange module

Datasource created to read GeoTIFF raster format.

Grid Coverage module

Implementation of Grid Coverage specification. Provides support for rasters and some image processing like reprojection.

Unnamed -

Unnamed -

Unnamed -

Main module

The main module contains the key interfaces and default implementations that are used by other GeoTools modules.

API interfaces

The api module contains the GeoTools public interfaces that are used by other GeoTools modules (and GeoTools applications). Where possible we make use of standard interfaces from projects such as GeoAPI and JTS. The formal GeoTools public api consists of this module, geoapi and jts. If you find yourself using implementations specific classes (such as new ShapefileDataStore(...) chances are you are doing it wrong.

JTS Topology Suite

The JTS Topology Suite is an API of 2D spatial predicates and functions

Unnamed - jdom:jdom:jar:1.0

Unnamed - commons-beanutils:commons-beanutils:jar:1.7.0

EPSG Authority Service using WKT file

EPSG and AUTO authority factories are defined for These codes are used to provide CoordinateRegerenceSystem for GCE and DataStore implementations that do not define their own native definition. Contains a Property file based CoordinateSystemAuthority (the property file is too large to be included in the main geotools release). This class will need to be ported to the new GeoAPI CoordinateReferenceSystem interfaces.

EPSG Authority Service using HSQL database

Connection to an embedded EPSG database in HSQL format. This database is built from the SQL scripts delivered by EPSG.


Lightweight 100% Java SQL Database Engine

Extensions to EPSG authority factory

Contains extra CRS defined by ESRI (and other parties) in the EPSG namespace. Those CRS are not defined in the official ESPG database, but are used widely enough to warant an optional plugin in Geotools. This plugin do not contains any definition already found in the official EPSG database - it is not a replacement for epsg-access, epsg-hsql or epsg-postgresql. One of the above plugins (at user choice) should be in the classpath.

Referencing services

Contains implementations of Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS), conversion and transformation services.